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Hi, I am from India and have been to Brazil on Student visa in 2012 and made a GF there but came back before 2 months. I again tried for Student visa after few months but it was denied.
If I'm already married to an Indian women but also want to marry my Brazilian girlfriend and then want all three of us to live together in Brazil then how can I do this?
Is there any way or exception that this can be done legally or what should I do so that I can get married to Brazilian GF and then also invite the Indian wife to Brazil so that we all can live together forever as all three of us are fine to accept this and live together happily and peacefully??  :(

I've seen Brazilian men living with more than one wife - depending on the arrangement. You see, life in Brazil is tough when it comes to earning your livelihood. Women here would like of course a good provider especially a rich man and if she really loves you, she is likely to agree as many aspects of Brazilian society are very liberal.

However, you have a problem when it comes to the laws. Polygamy is not sanctioned in Brazil. If you marry your Brazilian girlfriend, your Indian wife will not be recognized as your legal wife and your Brazilian wife will be the sole beneficiary of anything related to your finances especially if you pass away or divorce. Brazilian women take this very seriously and with the laws backing their own citizens and bias , you're in trouble.

You have to re-evaluate your position.


But if all three of us are fine to be together then will I have to first divorce my Indian wife, then go are marry Brazilian GF in Sao Paulo, Brazil and get PR - permanent residency of Brazil and then invite Indian women to Brazil, hire her as a nanny and try for her PR but is all this practical and can be done or will there be any or legal problems?
Also, how much time does it take to get Brazil PR?

I really feel sorry for your Indian wife...


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