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Hello!  I live in Texas and am thinking of moving to the DR.  I was wondering if you could share some information with me on a couple of subjects:  What mode of transportation do the locals use--I've heard that they use mo-peds and golf carts around their neighborhoods?  Also, do the locals live close to the beach or quite a bit inland?  Lastly, who would I contact to find out about practicing Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture there--I assume there are some regulations I must follow for practicing in another country?

First welcome.  You have clearly never been here.   YOu need to come visit and see what it is really like.

This is a big island and no not everyone lives near the beach.

Locals use motorcycle taxis,  beat up cars that run a route and beat up  vans that run routes as well.  Many have cars and some use pasolas or motorcycles.

You will find alternate medicines not widely practices here.  Not a lot of regulation on that here either. Bob will chime on on that topic I am sure!   

And please read read read the various threads, there is a lot of info here.

Thank you

Welcome. Read, read and read some more on the various threads here.

You will find it next to impossible to practice here and if you want any chance to do so you will need your residency and cedula.

Bob K

Hello Bob,
Thank you for sharing that information. I am in the beginning stages of looking for opportunities abroad--being able to practice acupuncture is an absolute must so i will heed your advice and continue my search. Thanks!

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