visa cancelation

im a new here.thanks for having this site.i think  you can help me..
im working in qatar for 5 years.lately  i got sick cause for over thinking from my business problem in philippines.the reason why i didnt go for my work almost 1 week with out inform them.
i spoke  the area head manager today they said my paper is already in the CID.
just i want my visa cancelation and let me go home in my country.
why i should to go police station?

please any one can help me..

Hi Gianne .. there is something wrong , if you didn't go to work for 1 week your paper don't have to go to CID. They must send them to the ministry of labor. You didn't make anything so bad to go to police.. they are lying on you. All you fault is you didn't inform them about your absence. Only if there is something you didn't say it. And they have the right to cancel the visa coz ur absence without to inform them but as i told you your issue must be in the ministry of labor not in the CID.

thank you for that information.i am doubt the situation because only cancellation i need no other than and leave the country.
so i should to do ministry labor..
or should i ask the sponsor of this company?

Dear you don't need to do anything .. the company must finish everything, be cool and don't panic lol . Will you stay in Doha untill they finish everything,  don't worry and live your moments as you want :)

I agree wz u kovarovski
But i think it's better to go to ministry of labor
To clarify ur situation

Dear Gianne,
Mr, Kovarovski is right, I witnessed something similar, if really your papers are i CID, then CID will ask ministry of labor if you finished all related issues with them, They must make sure that you have received all your earnings, and even if the CID will make you go home, they will just call you and ask you to present in the air port on time, I have a friend who was canceled and traveled through CID, it went smooth, nothing to worry about

thank you for all advice here.really appreciate and big help for me.

more power this site .

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