I-94 per res visa for dependants

Morning...a very simple question that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to but some terminology used on some sites is a bit confusing. I have an approved I-94 and my action date is due within 9 months. UK citizen born in UK with USA parents who didn't sort my green card out while a now over 21.
Question is..when I have my green card (perm res) can my 2 dependant children and wife travel with me and reside in the usa while they go through the process of obtaining there perm res visa? I think I need to apply once relocated to the usa via the national bureau and not via a consulate?



Go to which is an official site. Pull up immigration family based, pull up Visa Bulletin and check historical numbers for spouse/children of Permanent Residents (Preference F2A).

Your spouse can travel to the US under ESTA or whatever visa she qualifies for on her own. No overstays please!

You will go through the respective processing center. gives you details.


Some times back I was able to bring my brothers and Sisters via a Immigrant visa through my Dad who had an Alien Card. At that time, If I am not mistaken, was told that my brothers and sisters must not be married.
Based on this you will be able to bring them once your here.
Just walk in to an US Immigration office and ask for details.


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