Nice areas in Rotterdam or The Hague

Hello Folks

Next September I'll move to Netherlands to work and live, my company is in Rotterdam and I'm looking for nice areas to look for a rental apartment.

I'm looking for areas the are decent, quite, and safe and there is a mosque in a walkable distance in Rotterdam or The Hague.

Please help becuase it's better to start looking for apartments and plan for my rent expenses before coming to Netherlands.

Thanks 😉

Hi, I'm around but not living yet.
For what I hear, just stay away from the far south of Rotterdam (after Erasmus Bridge).
A good way for you to have an idea is opening google maps and turn on the "transit" information, that will show you all the metro lines and stations, then you could search something nearby these (recommend Blaak station). But of course not the only thing that matters, specially if you won't need to use public transport that much.

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