What is the tax on Salary income in Denmark ?


I'm Raj from Bangalore planning to move to Denmark.  I have pretty good job in Bangalore but my wife is getting an oppurtunity to work in Denmark so that of checking with you guys on how much money i can save after paying tax and spending on basic needs.

Assume my wife & me  gets around 60000 DKK each a month.

I have a son who is 11 years old and goes to school.

So can someone explain will i be able to lead a good life and also save money.


You and your family will be able to live on first class. Absolutely an income far exceeding the income of the majority.

If we take that you and your wife earn 720,000 DKK each a year, the tax will amount to 300,000 DKK for each of you. Together a net income of 840,000 DKK.

Monthly expences: Rent about 12,000 DKK per month, utilities 1,500 DKK. household  4,000 DKK. As your net income will be so high, I won't list more expences such as transportation, clothes etc. as they won't influent the overall picture of a considerable surplus.

However, there will be a high fee to pay for your son's schooling. The Danish schools are free, but I guess that you will prefer to enroll him in an international school. … 150617.pdf

But still much left for saving money.

You are welcome again if this answer doesn't cover all your questions.


Hi Nellie,

thanks a ton for your reply.. It gives me a great idea of my expenses and how much i can save.

will get back to you in case of any further query.

Thanks onceagain,  Have a great weekend.


You're always welcome.


My wife is getting an opportunity to move to Denmark and so i'm also moving.. but if i do not get a job immediately, will the government pay me at least something for my basic needs ?


The answer is No.

It's very hard to get a job in Denmark without speaking Danish. Unless you have a profession/skill that is required. When coming to the country you have to get a CPR number and to qualify you have 4 options. As a student. Employed. Sufficient funds (if you choose this option you are not entitled to benefits) or family reunification. I don't know how the family reunification would work if your wife isn't Danish. You could always contact a kommune and ask.

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