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I am currently browsing through the education guide website ( uddannelsesguiden) because I am gathering some information about some job requirements and salary expectation. I have a quick question, does the monthly salary that is showing for these jobs are after tax?
For example: … dshjaelper
It provides the salary per month in Krones and it also says that includes pension, allowance and benefits.... ( according to my friend "google translator")

Can anyone explain this a little bit further? what do they mean by including pension.., allowance, etc? and also, whether or not if the revenue that is showing on the website is before or after tax? I want to get an idea of salary ranges for certain jobs.

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I m not sure but mostly these are before tax salaries. In denmark, tax deductions are in the range of 40-60%.

The salary is always given up before taxation as your taxation depends on all your personal income which  you are the only one to know.

The taxation will depend on where you live as the municipalities have different  taxation level. Further we all have a personal allowance (2016: 44,000 DKK) before we are taxated. An average per cent for the taxation will be around 40 %. Maybe you'll have other deductions as union, transportation .........
You can read more about the rules here: … e/Jobs/Tax

Pension included means that the employer will pay an amount into a pension fund for you. Normally 10-12 %. You won't get the amount in hand, and you will not be taxated of it before the day, you retire. However, it is included in the amounts which you refer to.

I hope this is clarification enough?


Yes, it makes everything clear! :)
Thanks Nellie!

You can allways count on that the salary quated is before tax as no or allmost no person have the same tax deduction, that is because you can deduct transport if you live far away from work place there is a number of deductables before the tax is calculated.
And if it says the pension etc. is incuded it it meens just that.

Nellie have answered !

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