Eligibility for Expat Tax Rate

Hi all,

I am considering to move to Denmark and heard that there is a special scheme for expats moving for short time around a lower tax.

I am confused the eligibility for the same - my friend who has got this tells me that you need to reach 63.8k (2017) with your gross salary including the amount the company pays the pension fund.

While my HR tell me that this number has to be reached excluding the pension fund contribution.

Does anyone here have any experience with the same?


Trust the HR.


Thanks Nelle, I looked at the website but the terminology is not clear - it says excluding ATP contribution but what that includes is not clear.

Do you know if the rules around this been modified recently? There are past examples (1-2 years) on people coming on  lower salaries than what I am offered but getting the expat tax rate. And I realise that the min salary is adjusted yearly
But I am specifically talking about what can and cannot be included in calculating that figure.

One additional information is that for the first few months the company is offering some relocation benefits including accommodation - can that be added to calculate the average number?

Thanks in advance

Hi Cafm

I hope this link will work. My former link (which I controlled before mailing) didn't work when I tried to enter it today.

You find the information wanted in the P28 guide.

I don't know how and when the scheme has been altered last time.


Thanks Nellie ! Appreciate all the very helpful inputs! :)

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