want to live and work in Australia

I need your help guys,am Emera Erasme from Rwanda,i want to move in Australia and work there and build up my career in forestry thanks!!

Hi Emera Erasme and welcome to :)

Please feel free to have a look at the Living in Australia guide, it might help you.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

hi there,do you have any preferences about which city? also you know you need a visa to come to australia to work and study?

If you study in Australia maybe you will get the chance to be offered a job after graduation if you have the proper visa

If you study higher education in Australia you will get a post graduate visa  visa to work full time for two years. if you need more information you can contact me

i need to do a master degree in australia.its my dream.but i have no any idea about the procedure. pleace help me

simple contact univeristies, show your degrees, ask visa and pay the money if they say yes 29000 Aud / year plus unit living and expenses.... good luck

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