Settling in Yerevan, but too difficult to get a job.

Hi everyone
Newly I moved to yerevan, searching any type of job.. to meet my requirements.. such as rent and food and all..
in my skill I can not find proper job..
please help me to figure out what should I do!!!!!!!

Why dont you start up your own business. I have mostly found that places where you cannot fnd a job, are the best places to start your own business. But which business you can start, just look around and see what is really required in the place where you live.

Iam also interested to move to Yerevan and establish some small business, could you analyze feasibility so that we can work together, kindly pm message me if you have some idea

Hi katyesa, could you help me to provide some feedback on small businesses possible? Thanks


we had opened a business in Yerevan and we have contacts but what exactly is your profession?


Hari Marc

What’s your professor ?

Hi,im planning to reside in yerevan as well and planning to start up a small business.Could you help me how and approx it will cost?Appreciate ur response

Getting a job it’s hard as ever so as to the locals, best idea would be business hotel or restaurant might be the best investment here. Your post is not very actual would be easier to answer if you be more specific about what you are looking for.

Hello Katyesa

You are in Armenia yet?

Hello Katyesa, hi from India  :cheers: I'm coming to Armenia to set up a business in May. Would you be willing to work for me temporarily as a translator and once the business is set up, you can join me permanently if our terms and conditions suits..

Please contact me at ***  I may have an offer for you. Thanks

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Me to I'm in Yerevan and for me is also difficult to find a good paid job .

The thing is : in Armenia, it's very complicated for people who don't speak armenian or russian. Commun armenians don't even speak english. Of course you can find people who talk some king of broken english in big companies or in coffee shops,...

Then, if you find something, you have to know that salaries are low in Armenia.

This country is really good for opportunities. I could see lot of small businesses created in the streets. It opens and closes all the time... I agreee with the others : try to create your opportunity.

Good luck

I also want to set up my own business there. Who can give me some advise and recommenede local agent?

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