house in hiroshima

I may need to relocated to Hiroshima with my wife and look for house to rent for 2 years.

Hiroshimatoi Country Club will be close to the working area and I want to avoid long travelling to work.

appreciate all help as quiet urgent.



I lived in both Hiroshima City area and Northern Yamaguchi Prefecture.  My advice would be to look on the outside of the city of Hiroshima.  Cities like Hatsukaichi or Itsukaichi are great locations and very close to downtown Hiroshima City.  You will have no problems finding all of the things you need to live as well.



Make sure you have lots of cash as renting in Japan is quite expensive. We rented our house, and after all fees, we spent 10,000 US dollars based on a 1,550 per month rental cost for a 2-year term on the lease.

Thx Anthony appreciate your response any agent you can recommend
Regards Martin

Thx for the advise any agent y can recommend
Regards Martin

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