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Located in Southwest Japan, Hiroshima is a historical city. Over the years, it has become a top destination for expatriation thanks to its mesmerizing landscape, surrounded by the sea and interspersed with mountains, rivers and plains, not to mention its mild and pleasant climate.

As a major industrial hub, Hiroshima is one of the country's most prosperous economies, providing many opportunities to expatriates.

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Hiroshima, one of Japan's biggest cities, is known to be an industrial and maritime area. Many job opportunities are available for expatriates.

Osaka is known to be Japan's economic center. Its economy is mainly based on industry, electronics and trade.

Kyoto's economy is essentially based on the electronics industry. Other sectors with employment potential are high technology and tourism, etc.

You can drive in Japan with your international driver's licence, except if your home country has an exchange agreement with Japan.

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Hiroshima bloggers

Tales from Hiroshima

9 years ago

Musings from the everyday life of an expat wife in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Cock's-eye Blog

9 years ago

This blog reports on the activities of a group of Hiroshima-based foreigners & their Japanese friends who play 3-player mahjong. 3-player mahjong is a variation of the standard Japanese 4-player mahjong (some games of which are also reported here). Some of us also play Go, some play football, so those activities are also reported on and no opportunity is missed to digress onto other topics that have nothing to do with anything related to Mahjong, Igo, Football or Hiroshima...

Lost in Transition

10 years ago

“Lost in Transition” is the story of an Ohio girl fumbling with chopsticks, avoiding squat toilets and marveling in general at all things strange and cute in Japan. Updated weekly, this blog gives a glimpse into the life of a former reporter turned English teacher as she confronts a tad of culture shock and seeks answers to mysterious questions like "What on earth is that stuff in my bento?" Plenty of photos and videos.


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Global lt
Otemachi, Naka Ku, Hiroshima

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The Flying Pieman Meat Pies
Onomichi City Tsuchido 1-12-12, Hiroshima


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