Spass Rejected, Appeal Rejected, What can I do next?

Hey guys,

Ive been lurking around this forum quite a bit lately as it has a lot of relevant information and discussion. The thing is, I havent found anything whatsoever about or similar to my situation.

I got an internship offer with a company, and we proceeded to with the SPass, however it was rejected the initial time. The company appealed the Spass, however they did not consult me so I am not sure if they changed any documents or not. What is more, during the appeal time, I had the "Pending input from vetting agencies. Expected outcome is 2 months from date of initial application" status. (I got the answer in 2 weeks) and again it came negative.

So what are my options at this point?
The manager that hired me said she is willing to fight for me a little more.
Would I need to submit a new application completely? Or just continue appealing? From my experience with visas and rejected visas, sometimes re-applying from fresh is the best way to go. Also, just for reference, apparently there is a girl in the company currently that went through my exact situation, 2/3 rejections to then get a positive answer.

Thanks for your help in advance


Appealing without any additional inputs in terms of information about ur education or experience or at salary or extra certification is pointless. So, if you can add any additional inputs into your fresh appeal then you may see a positive feedback. Same time you said its pending at vetting agencies completion means MoM had engaged with another third party vendor to verify the authenticity of your certificates and work experiences, if any. If MoM got any negative feedback through vetting agency then chances are almost nil. Good luck

So I was not consulted before the Appeal was submitted, so therefore I dont believe there were any changes or additional inputs were made.

What kid of third party vendors are these? Would it include the university I went to and so on?

Do you know how long I must wait now that the appeal has also been rejected? Do i need to put in a completely new application?

Read carefully what did I mention. It's not waiting time for your next appeal is the matter, the additional inputs you are adding in your appeal is matters the most.

Do you ever heard of screening of CVs, certificates, experience letters etc? These vendors do verify these and confirm back to the client (an employer or in this case MoM) to provide their findings during their investigation. If any negative findings such as false information or incorrect information provided by the employee or applicant, then you will be rejected on basis of that.

What's the purpose of a new application by same employer? If any wrong information was provided during submission of your application, can be corrected now through appealing but apply a new application by the same employer shows something fishy and won't give any positive result in your case, unless a new employer apply your application freshly with additional information.

One thing is not clear in your case that why a local employer hiring a foreigner for internship, unless you are studying in Singapore! MoM doesn't encourage such cases as it encourages employers should give local talents or graduates first hands on experience in internships after passing out their educational courses. This could be another reason why MoM is rejected your S pass.

If you are coming to Singapore for an internship related to your studies, or to undergo practical training in an industrial attachment, you could also apply for a Training Work Permit or Training Employment Pass.


I understand that it is the additional inputs that matter the most. The thing is the company didnt even consult me as to whether there were better inputs to make or not. They just carried on with the appeal regardless. When I asked about the situation and what they did, they completely ignored me.

The purpose is that my employer submitted flawed documents, and didnt bother telling me about the appeal. If I submit a new fresh application that is impeccable, then I might have a chance. The big question is, am I able to apply a new application now that the appeal has been rejected?

Also, one thing I should mention, is that according to the manager that hired me, this one girl that is currently interning for the company also had a similar thing happen to her. Her visa was rejected 2 or even 3 times i believe before being acceped. But apparently now she is there.  So I guess there is some kind of possibility?


I just looked into the training work permit, and the thing is the company is offering me less salary than what is required. I think thats why they went for the SPass..

Razberri :

The purpose is that my employer submitted flawed documents, and didnt bother telling me about the appeal. If I submit a new fresh application that is impeccable, then I might have a chance. The big question is, am I able to apply a new application now that the appeal has been rejected?

You cannot apply again for the same job at the same company, only a different one.
But since MoM has your old application, with all submitted documents, on file (they have a very good database that doesn't forget anything!), submitting a new one with differing information will only cause confusion (and, if you cannot clear their doubts, rejection again). Thus you must clear up the mess now!

There is only a minimum salary (of S$3000/month) for training employment pass, none for training work permit.

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