Opinions on gated golf communities on beach

Does anyone live in a gated golf  community ?  We would like beach access, security, gym and pool.

As far as security, is this considered safe or a target ?

Depends on which community. Depends on soecific situations and how you live personally.

Exactly right Planner.  For example, in Punta Cana, Iberostate has condos around the golf course with loads of privileges and beach access as well as a beach club.  I don't live there but I have a friend who does and it seems like a perfect place to be.  Prices are reasonable for what you receive.  However, if you work and need to leave your condo everyday, then it could be inconvenient.  Its great for someone that works from home or is retired.


     We are homebodies for most part.  We are not looking for A Country Club environment.

Thank you,

Thank you for responding.  We are going to be completely retired and will not need to work.  We are not rich by now stretch.  We are not looking for A Country Club environment.  Does this should like what we are looking for?

Yes a quiet life in the right place can be really nice here!!!! You need to come check them.out!!!

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