Anyone has any suggestions or comments to help me out ?

My name is Michelle. I just joined today. My future husband and I (I am a US citizen living in the US, he is a Cuban citizen living in Cuba) are trying to meet soon. If we both feel the same way we do about each other after a month together, then our plan is for me to get a fiance visa and move to Cuba. I am looking for support in how to go about cheaply meeting as we are both on limited budgets (I am disabled and on SSI--by government laws I am not allowed to have a savings account or have more than $2,000 in my checking account at the first of every month). If anyone knows a way to fundraise without it looking like a paycheck to Social Security (you are not allowed to even get a ,part-time job), I would greatly appreciate it. We are trying to meet in a country that neither of us needs a visa and the tourist costs are cheap. Grenada seems to be the best option, though the airline tickets at the cheapest prices are around $900-1000 each. A month's stay from would be around $900, and then we have to pay for food and transportation (of course one or two meals at a restaurant would be nice--the place has a kitchen so I can cook). So if anyone has any ideas on raising around $4500 maybe? Or ideas on a better place to visit I would love to hear it!!! Also, if anyone has any suggestions or comments to help me out with understanding Cuba better I would appreciate the support!!! I am have been very touched by the kindness and generosity of the Cuban people!!! I have never met any of his friends and family, yet they are already my friends and family. They treat me as one of their own and are helping me in so many ways! Thank you to everyone here for your support!!

Hi Michelle,

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This new thread on the Cuba forum is dedicated to your questions. Hopefully, members will provide you their feedbacks soon.

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Hi Michelle,
I read your post and hope this finds you well and your Cuban 'family' also,

I am a Canadian and married to a Cubana and we have a daughter and  we have a house near Habana. Yes, your situation is not an easy one.

Perhaps you can find encouragement in looking at what I put on some Facebook pages I created. There you will also be able to connect with others. I will list the FB pages below and pray all the best for you and your Cubano and family:

Cuba Culture Club / Family-
Cuba News –
Social Issues –
Helping Others –
Worship – (closed site) … reate_flow

God bless!

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