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Hello All,

I am an Egyptian girl, I work in the healthcare research industry. I will be moving to London within few weeks for work. I already visited London before and am quite familiar with it, but tbh I am becoming to feel a bit unsafe because of all the attacks that have taken place in London recently, esp. that I am veiled. Are my fears justified? I never felt unsafe when in London, but this time I am really scared because I will be staying for long.

Appreciate your thoughts all.


Hi Dalia

First and foremost, welcome you in advance. I dont live in london but  regularly visit.  Yeah sad things took place in London but you  dont  need to worry  all about, because london is cosmopolitan city  where can you find different people from different cultures.   It is kinda expensive city  but  no worries  it is gonna be alright.  I wish  all the best.

You cannot just bowl up at immigration in the UK and say you are looking for work. You need a visa.

I have talked with an immigration advisor. I have dual citizenship. Greek/American. Born in the u.s. But also have a greek Id since I lived in Greece which makes me an eu national. But thanks for letting me know.

How is your comment in any way related to the subject?

I thought you were replying to me about getting a visa....

Rustygecko -Are you replying to my post?

Why did you assume that I am coming to search for a job and don't have a visa? My company is transferring me to the UK office and I do have a visa.

Your comment is totally irrelevant to my post and off topic.


you will be fine just take some precaution in certain things.Covering head is no problem in most works.

I don't understand why you'd feel unsafe as most of the attacks have been by Muslims not against Muslims.
If you suspect that wearing a head covering could put you in danger - why not just integrate into the society into which you are going to live?

how you define integration? what she have to do for this purpose?

Thanks, RustyGecko.

I think integration is fairly obvious. For example when I lived in Muslim countries I did not drink alcohol, I behaved in a way which was acceptable to the locals, and ultimately when I realized that my values conflicted with those of the host society - I left - and lived in a society that has values similar to my own.

Hi Mate

Unfortunately your 'integration' definition is so close to assimilation that would not be acceptable. Integration with a society is valuable but you should keep it on balance. I mean you don't need throw away your individual values and you can keep it and also you should show respect the main culture. Moreover main culture should show respect freedom of individuals. that's why respect is key point in imagined free society.

Hi there Dalia Ahmed :)

Welcome to

You ask a very valid question that would seem to be on a lot of people minds. With a population of 9 million and with thousands of daily visitors London is still a safe city.

As with any major city, you take precautions being a woman. You don't walk late at night on your own in unfamiliar areas.

London is a multicultural city with every kind of faith in it, so you will have no fears there.

If we let these terrorists win, we might as well never leave our homes.

Come to London and enjoy the city and your new employment.

SimCityAT Expert Team

rustygecko :

You cannot just bowl up at immigration in the UK and say you are looking for work. You need a visa.

She did not ask a question about Visa's.

Correct, but she didnt say that she had a visa. There are many on this site who are unaware they need visas.

I don't know the answer to your question but I can't seem to qualify for any type of visa other than a short term visitor visa. How did you get  visa?

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