Indians in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

I find Alabama missing in the US list of Expat places with
My son is moving to Birmingham , Alabama in August 2017. Would like to hear more from expats in the USA especially Alabama or those who have lived there earlier or plan to be there soon.
Can any one share valuable info. Thanks.

We spent several years in Birmingham, AL. I would go back any day:)

Is he going to school there? August is the end of summer, hot and humid, kind of slow time of the year and who can heads to Florida to the beach.

A lot of industry, headquarters of several large corporations are based there, plenty of housing, some public transportation, food, art, shopping - you name it. Close to the beach and close to the mountains. Traffic can be extreme. Population sis very diverse.

Hi there, Good to hear from you.

Nice to know about Birmingham.

Yes my son  is going to do his MS at UAB. Looking where he can find the Indian Community. Are Hindu temples a popular place in Birmingham and are Gujaratis prominently seen owning Indian SuperMarket stores or Covenience Stores.
How easy it is to rely on Indian groceries  availability in Birmingham.

Thanks for your understanding in advance.

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There should be a grocery store on Lorna Road in Hoover, AL. Some of the grocery stores have a large international section -Freshfood, WorldMarket, ...  Vegetarian is no problem.
Sorry, cannot help you with temples.

Thanks , will ping you again for more info.

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