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Hi , my friend and I are planing to move to Guangzhou ), that's why we are looking for good job offers .  she is an economist and an interpretor  , I have a degree in teaching ( English and Germain ) . Also we have an experience in hospitality in China and in teaching .

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Feel free to create a detailed resume for each one of you under the Jobs in Guangzhou section. There's a lot of teaching opportunities in China, especially for native speakers.

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Thanks a lot , do you know any WeChat groups with working positions?

Hi, will your friend be interested at working for gaming industry? Our company is looking for talents from non-Asian countries who would love to engage in the roles related to gaming. The positions include translator, QA tester and programmer. The translator would work in the localisation team where I am currently in. If your friend is interest, please write back to me and we should have further contact. Many thanks!

hi, actually I am an Arabic-English translator, and I am interested in translating games
and I have friends how are experts in different languages as well,
just give me more information about the company and what are looking for, and I am in with you

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