Learn about Liverpool

Hello. My name is Paris. I live in the u.s. And looking to move to the U.K. For work/new start. I'm a bit anxious to do so but I've done something like this before moving here from Athens Greece.

They speak funny in Liverpool.
Watch a film called the 51st state and you'll get an idea.
The  exaggerations in the film aren't that big a stretch but there there are a few less murders in real life.

When you've finished laughing, try to remember what fish and chips are.
Strict Catholics and anyone prone to vomiting when watching violence should not follow my suggestion.

Thanks Fred. Yeah that was my main concern. Their scouse accent. But I'll watch that movie!

It's very funny, all about an American who finds his way to Liverpool on "business" and the antics he and his new friends get up to.
It's a wild overstatement of everything but if you water it down by a factor of X you have something close.

You get used to the accent .... eventually.

The main issue with understanding Scousers is the speed they speak at, very fast! But Scousers are so friendly and funny that you'll have a great time.

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