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What is it all about , can someone clarify this please

sushiltp :

What is it all about , can someone clarify this please

It is about indirect message to tell expats that "yalla go to your country"  :sosad:

Does this mean if you have no dependents there will be no tax?

smithfin :

Does this mean if you have no dependents there will be no tax?



hello am mostafa i work as biomedical engineer i would like to make good friends i live in riyadh beside elmalaz zoo am new here i have only 11 months n i like to know more friends i like sport n go to restaurants to eat different kind of food


i will be joing saudi railway soon, how is life in hail? or anyone have any info on Hail.
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Hi all a mere question, is this not payable by the sponsor company?

Antson :

Hi all a mere question, is this not payable by the sponsor company?

Some MNCs are paying for their employees...

its good really n i enjoying my time here there r more malls n i like to play sports u can do sports too by the way when u will come in riyadh?

Hello, i am dependent of my husband. My iqama expires in 2018 but to travel abroad for few days they requested we pay the 1200 SR fee prior of travelling. So they will not ask it only in iqama renewal time, in case you travel abroad they will request it in advance.

Is there anyone on here from KAUST? We are locating there in September and have not yet accepted an offer. How does this tax work if you are employed by KAUST as a PostDoc student?

0128083427, to confirm it,  call them.

Real Estate price is less then 2017 but other hand New Levi taxes on Iqama 400 or some condition 300 per month are badly effect this Construction / Commercial Market........

and i suggest you no one take risk on Free Visa, there is no more free visa because as per new Nitaqat System, every company or Establishment should hired 1 saudi on 5 Expats before it was 1 Saudi on 10 Expats. Due to this new nitaqat system most of Establishment are in Yellow category. Cost of Iqama is 120% Higher then 2017.

As Market of grocery is 20% Higher not only because of V.A.T 5% as well Fuel Prices. Local Grocery Shops are near to close because they are not able to take 5% on 1 riyal Item. If they charged high, then consumer prefer towards Hyper Markets.

Only some of Companies have exemption of Nitaqat like Manpower Supplier Company, (only 15 registered companies), Establishment less then 5 employees.

New Iqama Fee

- 650 Iqama Fee
- 2500 Labor Card
- 4800 New Levi Tax / Year
- 350 Minimum Insurance

Total Cost of Iqama 8300/ Saudi Riyal in 2018.


Hi all,
the dependent fees are a reality now in KSA since July last year.
Any persons that is depending on your IQAMA will be considered as a dependent
THe costs were 100 SAR per person per month as of July 2017 and will rise by 100 SAR additional per month per dependent till 2020.
It means in 2018 as of July, the costs will be 200 SAR per dependent per month.
This cost is to be paid at the renewal of the IQAMA (or creation of it) till the date of renewal of the Iqama of the sponsor (Iqama on which the dependent are related) and it is per day calculation.

Hope it helps,

Hello everyone, I am new here in saudi arabia working in a car spareparts company in khobar. My boss told all his employees that starting this january 2018 our salary will have a deduction of 400sr per month due to this new levi rule. And some of us here was told by our boss to find other company in 1 month. If they cant find after 1 month they will be give an exit visa. As what I know based on what ive read this deduction will start if you will renew your iqama.  For example my iqama will expire this comming oct 2018 so if there is deduction then it may start at november 2018. Please give advice thanks

its implemented

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