Which regions of Brazil have cheapest land for sale?


We are a couple from the Netherlands, and are deciding whether we want to move to Chile or Brazil. We are currently in Chile and have orientated quite a bit on all factors involved.
Before coming to Brazil to compare, we would like to get some tips about which regions in Brazil have the cheapest land for sale.

We are looking for minimum 5000m2 (half hectare) and preferably under 25.000 USD.
In a rural setting! We are looking to set up a small permaculture project or so.

Is this possible somewhere? If so, which regions would be recommended for a small budget like ours?
Like many, we would like to be close to the beach. However, we also like hills and forest a lot.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi there
have a look on this website OLX
judt type in what your looking for with the price for the whole of brazil, and then you get some idea

First you have to realize beach life and farm life in Brazil are two totally different things....The south east of Brazil, Sao paulo state, Rio , Minas is very rural and a farmers paradise, but be prepared to be about 3 house from the beach by car.

The reason for this is geography, the coast sits at the foot of steep mountains all through the region and all the farms are elevated from 700 - 1000 meters

I recommend you look at the vale paraiba, Paraibuna region ( only about an hour from the coast)  and sao fransico xavier all in sao paulo state

Really try search "Paraibuna" cheap lush farm land and close enough to cities, airports are the ocean
maybe two hours from sao paulo capital , one hour from the beaches of caraguatatuba

here a bit smaller than what you are looking for but a quater of the price in Paraibuna

http://sp.olx.com.br/vale-do-paraiba-e- … amp;xtcr=2

Good evening Sister, I saw your add here, please think twice about the life in Brazil,

Can you explain this ??
Obviously anyone moving anywhere, thinks at least a 100 times about where to move :)

I think South of Brazil is cheaper comparative other parts ... And the rest depends what's your scale and for what purpose you want to buy?? What are your needs??

Thank you for your help Steve!

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