Long Term rent in Valencia

Hi all, looking for advice with regards to renting a property in Valencia. We are moving in August to start a job in September, so have been looking on the internet contacting agents but so far not much has come back. I am thinking we may be a month too early. So any advice on how long the process takes, can you even do it from over seas or do we need to be over there?

Thanks in advance

I'm not surprised. Trying to contact lots of "organisations" by email seems to be a lost cause. When I complained to someone in a bank that they hadn't responded to my email the chap checked his computer, saw the message there and said "I'm far too busy to bother with emails." It's getting better though. If there is something you fancy and you can handle the Spanish a phone call will almost certainly work better and it may mean that your emails get read.

I guess that you have tried some of the popular sites like idealista, fotocasa, milanuncios and vibbo.

If you're going through estate agents and you can check when the website was last updated that may give you a clue as to who is doing electronic business and, stereotypical as it may sound, I think the Brit agencies tend to be faster on the email front.

Just to say that, in my experience, if you turn up at an estate agent in the area that you want to rent in and walk into the office it won't take you long to get something sorted out. I think the longest it has ever taken me, and I've rented six different flats in the last dozen years, is three days. I've never liked having to stump up three months rent at one go, knowing that one of the payments is for the agent, but I suppose that's why it works quite quickly, an easy profit for them.

Obviously that's not much use if you are trying to do it from a distance!

Best of luck. I hope someone knows a good agent.

Hi we are renting an apartment in Patraix, Valencia. We will be leaving on the 5th  September. We rent the apartment through Punto Rojo Immobilaria. Placa de Jesus, 7. Our Spanish is limited but they were very helpful.  Ignacio who works there speaks very good English and he returns from vacation on the 28th August. Our apartment is well situated, furnished, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a small office. Good luck we know it isn't easy to find an apartment this time of year.

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