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Hello All,

My name is Heidi and I am a Canadian who will soon join the ranks in KSA teaching at Al-khaleej. I am coming on a 6 month contract with the school that will commence in a few weeks. I have read many posts on here, as well as other locations, about the school at hand (some good, but mainly negative). Unfortunately most of the post about the school (and the associated experience) are quite out of date. I am looking for some update information about the experience of working for this company. I would be happy for anyone to share their experience with me on this forum, or to message me specifically about it, so we may start a dialogue.
I really appreciate any help provided. :)

Kind Regards

i would say have a good time in Saudi Arabia . but hold your nerves with that company

Sorry I don't have any info on that company.

May I ask why they're only offering a 6 month contract though?

I've never heard of such a thing that's all.

Assalamu Alaikum,
I have no updates about this school in question..., however as an expate in UAE, a 6 months contract maybe offered because they will not offer you the same package for the next year...*ie. Accommodation, travel, and so forth, many things.

  Please read my experience if youd like.
I worked in a great private school in Al Ain UAE...however when the year ended the school wanted me to clean up another department, ( was Head of Department) when I kindly turned the request down, I didn't feel the money was adequate, they treamnated my employment. No big deal however they made excuses why they wouldn't pay me my gratuity and they wouldn't pay me my separation pay. They said I hadn't worked there a year, I read up on the law in the UAE and a sister was kind enough to show me what to do once i got to the labor board. There is the school contact and there is the State Law which is implied if you read the State Law. Who would think to do that?? Anyway i would advise all expates to read before they accept a contract.

SubhanAllah...Becareful and pull up the loard laws for expates in Saudi (Google).
As i said...You may not have the same rights for expenses to and from your country of origin.  Also you may not get your gratuity because one must work one school year for them to get the gratuity,  sounds like they're working smarter not harder for them self.
May Allah guide you...ameen

Wow, never heard of a 6 month contract before, perhaps that's how it is got English teaching positions...hmmm

good luck eh...

i know it's a big company and they have many institutions to teach english , and it's one of expensive school in riyadh .

Hello Heidi. I wish you good luck in KSA. I received a job offer from the same company AkTE a month a go and iam wandering how long it takes for them to send me a contract??

Hi Heidi, I received a 1 year contract from the same company but I did not accept their offer of 2200 USD as basic salary. I have 27 years teaching and education management experience .

I received a job offer from  Al khaleej Training and Education a month a go. How long it takes them to send me the contract. Do you guys have any ideas about their routines ??  Thanks

could you please tell me the duration between the job offer and the contract ??

mainly a month or even less .
but be careful , rules and regulations have changed recently in Saudi . some fees will be added on your residency card(iqama) ,make sure that you'll get an iqama after your 3 months experience period .
you may contact me anytime if you think something is not clear from their side.
best of luck

Thank you so much Fawazmaq. I appreciate your help :)

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