PCC requirement for Dependent Visa

I will be applying for my Belgium Dependent Visa soon as my Husband works in Brussels. I am looking for help regarding the 'Police Clearance certificate' required for the Dependent Visa. There is no clear info about what's the exact requirement if i have lived abroad prior to my application.

I was living in the USA from 2012-2015 and i read online on a forum that i need to get a PCC from all the countries where i have lived in the past 5 years. Some forums say its for the travel happened in the last 1 year.. Or can i only submit my PCC from India and get through with it? What is this the exact requirement for the Dependent Visa application?

My concern is because the PCC from US requires a lot of time (14-16 weeks).. So just want to be sure of what exactly i need as i want to get my Visa ASAP..
Please help!

Based on my knowledge, you need a PCC from US (as you lived there during 2012-15 which falls in the 5 years period).

I would suggest to consult VFS on this matter.

Trying to get through by submitting only Indian PCC is risky. As the turn around time for dependant visa application to Belgium is high (months), a missing document can only make the whole process a lot more time consuming and complex.

Hi Aneesh,
Thanks a lot for the information. I did contact (had called them up) the VFS as well as the Immigration office in Belgium, but got 2 different responses. The VFS said i would need a PCC from US and the Immigration office said i don't. Which has added to my confusion even more.
Even i opt to rather take the the PCC from US (which is the so called 'FBI report'), but again the humongous time(14-16 weeks) they require produce one, bothers me. So i was looking for the specific and correct requirement related to this.
Also, could you suggest me another thing? If in case, i re-issue my Passport by adding my Spouse name on it, do u think i woud still require to add a US PCC for my application? (just a thought, as i would get a re-issued passport with no US visa showing on it)
Let me know your suggestions please.. And Thanks again!

One more thing, what is the 5year thing for Dependent visa PCC? No where on their websites have they mentioned this requirement, right?
My husband just had to submit a PCC of 1 year when he had applied for his visa.
Do you know anything about this difference for a Dependent Visa vs a Work visa here in Belgium?
Thank you..

Question 1 of issuing a new passport: That will not help, as you need to submit all your passports (the old one too) when you apply for visa.

If you got an answer from Belgian immigration office, that can be considered final.

As the turnaround time for US PCC is soooo long, it is worth taking a chance - Apply with Indian PCC and see how it goes.  :)

Hi Aneesh..
I will keep updating my case on the forum, as to how i go about it and what happens.. Hoping for the best.. thanks again for your suggestions & guidance.. Have a great week ahead! 😊

PGad :

Hi Aneesh..

I will keep updating my case on the forum, as to how i go about it and what happens.. Hoping for the best.. thanks again for your suggestions & guidance.. Have a great week ahead! 😊

Hi, were you able to apply with just one year PCC.

I will be applying for dependent visa soon and have lived in US from 2011-2016. I came back just 9 months ago and I am afraid I have to get the PCC from US. :(

Hi Devika,
I had contacted the Embassy and the Consulate regarding my case as the people at Immigration office in Belgium weren't able to give me an appropriate info (Every time i called they had different answers. Plus, I STILL AM NOT SURE, WHERE IS THE 5year PCC RULE FOR DEPENDENT VISA MENTIONED; IF AT ALL IT IS A REQUIREMENT).
Anyway, so both Embassy & Consulate replied saying that i need to submit a PCC covering the last one year. So that means in my case i might have to submit only the PCC from India. Which i am going to do.
But your case seems different as you said you have recently come back from US, i suppose you might have to submit the PCC from US as well.
I would still suggest that you put forth your case to the Embassy and Consulate of Belgium in India and go according to what they suggest. I know that the US PCC is a really time consuming process, so i hope you could get away without it, but do as suggested by the Embassy/Consulate.. Let me know what replies you get from them..
Good luck! :)

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