short term work visa : schengen visa for housewife to accompany

I am an Indian passport holder, awaiting receipt of my work permit from Employer to work in Belgium for a tenure of less than three months.

I want my wife to accompany my during this time, so that we can spend some time to explore Europe.

The challenge for me currently is: We need to manage the visa application for my wife.

I am wondering what would be the correct and fastest way to get visa done for her, whether to apply her visa as a dependent, but this would entail long waiting time as I would be expected to arrive in Belgium first and then would be expected to send an invite(please correct me, if this can be applied and done differently and preferably together)

or to apply her visa as a normal tourist visa. In such case, I am thinking whether it would be ideal to mention about my work permit in her tourist visa application or not.
Also, my wife being a housewife, can anyone list down extended list of documents what might be required during the visa appointment.

These questions were answered or similar topics were discussed many times in this forum. Please search the forum for similar topics.


This too..

What I did was just to search through the forum with the keywords from the questions you asked. You have to read through these threads and you will find the information you need.

If you have more specific questions, post them here please.

Hi Aneesh,
Thanks for responding. I did get a chance to go through similar queries posted here (precisely two out of the three what you've mentioned).
But my case is somewhat different here. I have a short term work permit, which is limited for less than 3 months.
Wanted to cross-check on the best way I can go about applying visa for my wife, who plans to travel with me.
Dependent visa might not work here because time is less.

I got a fair idea that I should go ahead apply a routine tourist visa for her, along with my visa appointment. Mention the specifics in her cover letter.

Wanted to get an opinion on similar scenario, if anybody around here has anything to share in this regard.

Based on your work permit, what you apply is a D type visa I assume. I don't see anything stopping you from applying for a D visa for your wife too, along with your visa application. Normally when you apply together, it is approved fast (based on experience). But yes, there is a chance that the file gets sent to Belgium for processing and it takes long :(

Applying a tourist visa for your wife, completely separate from your application, is a good option, but mentioning your work permit situation etc in your wife's cover letter is only going to make things complex I assume.

But isnt the case that applying as an individual tourist visa(for her) will raise even more eyebrows?
Because they would be bound to question the aspect of her travelling alone.
Moreover, she is financially dependent on me. So her and my application have to go together.

But if I clearly mention my work permit details, accomodation, financial statements etc, along with her intent to explore Belgium during a short period of 2-3 weeks, what points do you think might land our case in a glitch?

You can never say. Now each and every application is scrutinized and if they have even slightest hesitation, the file is sent to Belgium for decision making, and then you know :)

For a tourist visa, you may check with providers like Thomas cook or so, for some advice. Not sure if they will be helpful or so.

If there are anyone who tried this, in the forum, they may advise too.

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