I have the Swiss passport but can't find a job. Please advice!

A brief intro:

My father is from Biel/Bienne and he came to Peru in 1975. He met my mother (Peruvian) and I was born in 1983 (34 y/o now).

He decided to live and work here and we traveled to Switzerland every couple years to visit the Swiss-side of my family.

Time has passed and he is no longer with us (died a few years ago) and although I still keep in touch with my Swiss family, it's not the same. Most of them only speak German or French with the exception of my grandmother who is now 96. I guess you could say that my father was the "bond" that kept us together.

Of course, I have the Swiss passport, although I don't speak any of the 4 official languages (I do understand a lot of Swiss-German due to my constant travels when I was a kid).

As for me, I have a small daughter who is almost 6 now and we live together with her mother. My daughter still doesn't have the Swiss passport (me and my partner are not married so things get a little bit complicated).

The problem:

I spent my first 26 years as a semi-pro footbal player and had to quit due to knee problems. I can still run and play light matches but not with the effort that a competitive match requires.

As I thought football was always going to be there for me, I didn't focused so much on my education.
I don't hold a bachelor's degree and only managed to get an Associate's Degree in Marketing Analysis, a small 1.5 years career. I do hold several diplomas on leadership and creativity-related courses, though.

What I do have is extensive knowledge in the field I've been working on ever since I left football (or football left me).
I've been a Game Designer for almost 7 years now and, through the company I work for, I've designed several games for companies like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, BBC, Disney Channel.
On top of that, I've designed most of the systems in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle" (for the PS4/Xbox) and the whole mechanics of a card-puzzle game called "Kilka: Card Gods" for PS Vita and other mobile devices.

Of course, working in the game industry in Peru doesn't leave me enough money to save after paying for my daughter's education, services, transport, food, etc. and I've been struggling to find jobs in the Swiss Game Industry (I know it's still a small industry over there).

That doesn't change my resolve to move to Switzerland. I want a better future for my daughter and Peru is not the best place to grow-up in. I say that by my own experience.

The cry for help:

I've been pointed out at several online job portals like and such. I've sent my CV with no avail.

I know it's hard for a company to hire a Swiss guy who doesn't even speak any of the 4 official languages (I do understand Swiss German, as I said) but I would LOVE to receive any kind of additional help.

Whether it's a simple tip, a referal to any company hiring "foreigners" or "expats", any entry-level job I could get in the IT industry, I'm even willing to sacrifice all my experience and start as a Junior in any related field such as UX Design, UI Design, etc. ANYTHING will help.

I just refuse to lose hope and accept the fact that I'm oficially stuck in Peru holding a Swiss passport in my hands.

Thank you all in advance for any help you can give and sorry to write a long and boring prelude. I know it could have been way shorter but I'm also interested in seeing if someone can relate to my story.

Have a wonderful day!

Join a co-working space, join teams for creating apps. People with all softs of experience are needed and valued. Check out and all the information on for instance.

In Switzerland there are many such locations, full of active young people with new ideas. Join some hackathons. To make a living, you have to be lucky or good - and teams will always help.

Thank you very much for your advice, kind sir.

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