Commuting from Colchester

Hi all! I'm about to be moving up to Colchester and was curious what you all thought of the commute into London? Are the trains any more reliable than they are in Chelmsford?

The trains in the UK are really bad as you must know by now. They are too expensive and rarely run on time. I rather take the bus, sure it takes longer but its cheaper and run better.

For Trains or Buses

The bad news is that Colchester is 6 stops further up the same train line from Chelmsford. so you can wave to your old friends as you go by on those wonderful trains.  The good news is that as you're further up the line, you've got a better chance of getting a seat than you did before from Chelmsford ......... sorry. :)

True that. Fingers crossed that I can catch that Norwich to London train and skip straight from Colchester into Liverpool Street!

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