partner and me add our points together? specialize in a field ?

Hi my names Laura currently living in Glasgow , Scotland just now. Hoping to make the move to Queensland, Australia after I finish my degree. I am training to be a Mental Health Nurse , but I have the option to study as a General Nurse if I change my course, I was told by a visa solicitor that it was better to specialize and to keep studying mental health but was wondering what you thought or if anyone has been in the same situation?.

My current education :

BA Degree in Psychology and Sociology ( Attained 2013 )

My qualifications in 2 years will be either :

BSC Degree in adult nursing ( For General Nursing sol list :254418 )


BSC Degree in Mental Health Nursing ( if I don't change my current university course sol list :254422)

Just really wanted to ask if the visa solicitor was correct or not ?

Second question is my partner is a web developer (csol 261212 ), he works freelance and by the time I have qualified he will have 4-5 years experience of working in web development. We were wondering if we could have a joint visa like we could add both our points together , or when we apply for a visa is it better for my husband to come with my visa application as my occupation is on the SOL list?


1. Better to do Mental Health Nursing or General Nursing , both are on the SOL list ?

2.Will me and my husband stand a better chance of attaining a visa by combining our points in 1 visa or going for just my nursing occupation as the main visa application ?

Thanks for reading.


If you apply for one of the points based visas, like sc. 189 and 190, you can claim additional points for your partner's skills.

If you apply for an employer sponsored visa, this does not apply. I would have though that your solicitor would have explained all those detail to you ?

It is always a bit risky to plan your education around future migration plans, as the requirements and eligible occupations can change on fairly short notice.

I hope you are aware of all the additional requirements for nurses to migrate to Australia ?

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