having a baby

I'm looking for hospital and doctor recommendations! We (I'm American and my boyfriend is Filipino}, will be moving there about 6 months into my pregnancy and living in Camiguin. From what Ive been told, facilities are more modern and comfortable in CDO but im having trouble searching them out on my own?
Any great birthing stories?
What to expect? Cost range?
Feeling a bit nervous so any help is much appreciated!

Just happened to see your post. I have not been to that area so am unable to help too much. You might visit The Filipino Doctor site as they list hospitals and doctors all over the country. At least it's a good starting point in you search.

Best Of Luck

Sorry for the bad link on the doctors site. Don't know what happened but the site name is correct for a Google search  :( .

We just had twins, in Davao City. Happy to share whatever info you feel would be helpful. PM or reply here with questions.


Thank you! I'm hoping for a recommendation from someone who has experience with a doctor or hospital, but having a list is a start!

Hi, I'm English with a filippina partner who's just given birth, we are in Cebu, the birth process was in a clinic rather than a hospital as my partner wanted that, but we did end up in Eversley hospital Consolacion, as she broke water and the baby didn't want to come out at first for 38 hours. As a result the mother and baby got an infection. We stayed in a private room, very basic, very. But the treatment and equipment is first class, the medication delivery was also done correctly. The staff are good but they will try to make you breast feed at all cost so if you gave difficulty stand up to them and point out the baby's nutrition is most important. So a bottle and breast is ok
The costs of medication -antibiotic- is about 1100 peso every day or two dependant on the illness. Doctor cost 15,000 per specialist.

I wouldn't worry about the knowledge and care for the baby but I would talk to locals in the area on which facility to use.

Hope this helps

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