moving to france

hi, we are looking to move to france (Charente maritime or Dordogne )area this year hopefully, do not want to stay in brexit Britain a minute more than necessary. we currently live in Wiltshire I am a housekeeper in a large property and husband is a painter/handy man. we have 3 dogs and worked in horse racing in our early years, would love to think we could actually make a living out in france but worried that it may be pie in the sky. happy to turn our hand to anything, I have 20 years of caring for people with learning disabilities and the elderly, husband has worked as a gardener for a large estate , no idea if any of this will be of any use when we move over, would appreciate any good/bad points on living in Dordogne or Charente maritime . look forward to hearing your views oops should also  say we had a place in the tour blanche many years ago but lost an awful lot of money due to unscrupulous friends. then bought a new place in Montpellier only to be ripped off by the builder then the economy collapsed, still not deterred and hoping its third time lucky

Sounds like me!

Am off to Charente at the end of April - house=sitting and house-hunting, and breathing unpolluted air!

hi Miriam how did you get your house sitting job , sorry for being nosey

liz sparks :

hi Miriam how did you get your house sitting job , sorry for being nosey

I don't think she has gone yet as she said end of April.

Back your OP, Brexit is playing on all our minds for Brits living in the EU. We have 2 years for them to argue it out.

I have no plans to move back to the UK, Austria is my home now after being here 8 years and buying a house here.

Do you speak French?

Probably a little too late as your ad was posted in March 17, but I have an old "partially" renovated property in the Charente that I am looking for someone to look after (for nominal rent), thx Paul

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