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We are an American family relocating to Brasov in June of this year. We have one child who we will be sending to private school, we are financially stable (our income is fixed, roughly $6300 USD monthly) so income shouldn't be an issue, does anyone have any information regarding our chances of adopting a Romanian child with a resident permit, but not yet citizens ??
We would like to help give a child a better life, but have no idea if it's even possible. Thank you in advance for any advice or information.

Welcome back,  I remember from last year you were interested in Brasov, but had turned your attention to Bulgaria :)  From what I've read, you must be resident in Romania for 12 months to begin the difficult process.  If you are not Romanian speakers, if might not go well...but I may be mistaken.  If you do know Romanian, all of the info is published online and is searchable.

While your income is more than sufficient, I'm not sure how much that factors into the process, as children being sold has long been a problem in this country.  You might want to be discrete about your income, as it can make you a target for bribes, scams and plain expat price gouging, or make others resentful.

Romaniac Experts Team

Good to hear from you again. We have had our heart set on Brasov since the beginning, the residence permit was getting us a little discouraged so we made Sofia our plan B
Since then the family we had been in contact with made the move (I'm in control) and relayed to us it wasn't extremely difficult, so we are looking so forward to making this move in late May early June, the main obstacles we're facing are shipping our car and finding the most beneficial school for our son. We have discussed the orphan problem in Romania and decided we want to create a good home for a Romanian child since we're a little older and can't have another if we wanted to anyway. So good hearing from you again, I know Iasi is quite a distance from Brasov, but maybe we could come across a day to have a meal together.
Thank you for all the info, speaking of that what is the approximate cost of registering a car in Brasov now that they're no longer collecting the pollution tax ??

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