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Hi everyone I'm a 22 years old tunisian student who is engaged to a Swedish woman, we're not married but we're planning to as soon as I get to Sweden first, we knew each other online we became in love, after a couple of months I tried to apply for a tourist visa but they refused my application so after few months she came to Tunisia 7 days at a beautiful hotel then we rent an apartment for a month and half now shes there trying to get a job so we can start the procedures and I'm here trying to finish my IELTS so I can find a job fast when I get there hopefully, the problem is that we're not married I just wonder does it make a difference ?! And I have a signed rent contract with both of our names also BIG ISSUE months ago I had a problem in south Korea and I've been deported and there's a deportation stamp on my passport I also wonder will they consider it as a problem and how long the procedures in my case will take, hopefully I'll get some replies and thank you so much <3

There might be problems travelling with a passport stamped deported. Maybe a new passport will help but Im not sure if your name is flagged between South Korean immigration system to other countries immigration database.

You and your girlfriend can marry in Tunisia, then once she go back to Sweden she and you can apply for family immigration visa.

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All the information you need can be found here

What was the reason for being deported from South Korea if you don't mind me asking? If it had anything to do with criminal activity, then you will not be allowed to enter. This could be why you were unable to get a tourist visa.

SimCityAT I was deported because I had no money left and I used to have a residence permit but I went to the immigration office and asked them to send me home they told me cancel your residence and we will so I did that, so they put me in a detention centre for 13 days before they send me home, I didn't know they'll do that I tried my best to sue them and I have all the evidence Im just worry that it will make trouble or the Swedish immigration takes long time to decide, anyway its not a criminal activity and I have a clean record, also the stamp says 46-1 I wouldn't mind if they put 68-1 there's difference because I volunteered to be send home since I'm too stupid hhh I didn't think its a problem, anyway I'm working on a chance to go work in France hopefully it will help and get my baby to live with me or me with her, anyway I applied for tourist visa before I went to korea, my fiance sent the wrong papers that's why "visiting a relative or a friend visa"

mannyd thank you for you comment, it's true that Sweden is a beautiful country but marriage will be stupid decision we agreed to take it step by step plus if we married so fast they'll think its not real or indint know we lived together for two months only but we know each other for a year when she was in Tunisia I proposed to her of good attentions promising her that I'll never let her go no matter what and she told me not yet as well but I'm more than happy that shes my fiance, I truly love her and I don't care where we will live, I even tried to find a job in Tunisia but come on man its a third world country and I'm a student and she doesn't speak French so its difficult for the both of us, Tunisia is a beautiful country and we're well educated people yet like I said it a third world country

Jojo007 :

mannyd thank you for you comment, it's true that Sweden is a beautiful country but marriage will be stupid decision we agreed to take it step by step plus if we married so fast they'll think its not real...

How you want to convince the Swedish immigration office that your love is real?
By telling them you "met" her online and she visited you once? Do you think they'll believe you and based on that information they grant you a permit?

Dream on.....

If you have plans to marry, do it now, you can prove this with documents and she can ask a family reunion visa based on marriage, like already suggested. Of course, she needs to prove that she can financial support you and some other things.
Your chances are higher than a true love through Internet story.


Have a look at the link I gave you - … apply.html

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