Due to Brexit im planing to go cyprus to get register there before its too late :lol:
whats the documents requirement for Residence.
Not have any plans to live or work there,
To be honest just securing myself for future entry or living in cyprus.

it wont necessarily make any difference to you

For residency  - Main documents

Rental Lease or purchase agreement of home

Healthcare entitlement (not ehic) this is usually an S1 if on state pension or if working then making 3yrs payments into the cypriot system or private healthcare

Proof of income and potentially savings so as not to be a burden on the republic

A valid EU Passport

€20 fee

But if you are trying to secure citizenship in the EU member state of the republic then thats much more difficult and can take many years to achieve.

Im just after a Yellow Slip

Hi everybody,
I have been trying to find out requirement for long term residency and possibly permanent resident as a US citizen retiring in Cyprus.

Thank you very much,

this may help you … ments.html

Thank you very much Toon.
That was very helpful and seems straight forward.
So there is no deposits in Cyprus banks or anything ? SSA has a printout confirmation on their website
for proof of SSB . Is that sufficient or accepted as proof to them ?
I live in Thailand now and will be here until Aug/Sep before heading to Cyprus (Hope they don't change the requirements before than)
Hope you don't mind me asking you about Cyprus the next few months? You seem to have a lot of knowledge about the place and I have a lot of questions.
Thank you again,

i think you will find that there are financial thresholds per person and then per dependent  on those pages - -but theyre not very high.... = much depends on nationality and as long as you can prove you can support yourself in so far as not to become a burden on the republic - same goes for healthcare you need to prove you have adequate healthcare cover too

Here in Thailand I live on about $1500 (US) easily. That does not include travels or any luxury but basic comfortable living. Can I do the same thing in Cyprus ? Have been looking at rent and prices in Paphos and a 1 or 2 bedroom is advertised at 300 EURO. Does that sound correct ? Is it normal to pay security deposit in Cyprus and if so how much ? Does the owner pay the Real Estate ?  From what I understand Cyprus is a fairly safe place to live. Are there areas you would advice to stay away from and do you think Paphos is a good choice?

I am very excited about going there to explore and hopefully live out the rest of my life there. Hope I can meet you for lunch or cup of coffee or a cold beer or something on me ?

Thank you,

So $1500 equates to approx €1100... spookily enough i am in touch already with a couple with a similar budget and its is possible to make a life here  - many locals and other nationals live on far less..... so yes €220-250 for a 1-bed and upto €300-350 for a 2-bed apartment - its all about location and the "better" locations are more expensive..  inland areas are much  cheaper.... howevere dont let that put you off - there are some lovely places to live here you just have to take the time (do not rush it) to find them  - we didnt expect to get what weve now got but after two years of trialing the market in the first three properties here we ve found an ideal place for us and have just signed a 5yrs fixed rent property.... we are very happy here - the place we call HOME and it feels like home the others didnt ...we are not extravagant, dont live a flash lifestyle we live on a budget just the same as everyone else does  - weve got what weve got and we make that work....  we did the same when we lived in Malta for 6 yrs before we left and came here

the security deposit is usually one months rent, but some owners have been known not to take that.... and unlike Malta - here most people get there deposits back  - there are no commissions to pay to an agent as the landlords pay them

Cyprus is a very very safe place to live and work.....  - there are places that i personally wouldnt live but it wouldnt be security related more like i just dont like the areas - Universal and Emba being the two that immediately spring to my mind.. but as i said its more to do with a perception of the areas. am sure there are lots of people love it there...  its just not for us...

I do this because i want to and because it keeps the grey matter active and keeps me out of my missus hair - am happy to meet should you wish to do so = just let us know when you get sorted.

I would suggest you think about your Healthcare requirements as this is necessary here too = to get Ordinary Residency.....

Thanks again for valuable info Toon.

Living on the beach or on the water is usually more money in most places I think. How far inland you have to go for more reasonable rentals ? An hour or more or just a few blocks?

You also stress the importance of including Health insurance in to cost of living as it is necessary for long term Visa; How much does the minimum required policy cost vs. a fairly middle of the road one each month ?

Is car insurance a major expense as it is in many places or is it fairly reasonable too?

Another very important issue is taxes ; Do they tax your SS, 401K or other retirement income ?

Will definitely like to meet you in Aug./Sep. when I go there. Plan to stop there for a couple of weeks on my way to US where I plan to stay for 2-4 weeks before returning to Cyprus to live.

What is your opinion about Portugal vs Cyprus if you have any ? Looked at Portugal about a year ago but decided not to pursue it any further.

Have a wonderful day

no you dont need to go far maybe  10-15 kms inland

you can get a minimal HI policy that satisfies immigrations for about 165-185 per yr

we think its quite reasonable as is road tax as long as you keep engine size and emissions low ie under 120gms  - - and if you limit cover to TPFT -= make sure you bring your no claims discount evidence with you

all income can be covered by your tax free allowances here of €19500 per yr tax free

dont know a lot about portugal to be honest as its not a place Id be comfortable driving -  here they drive on the left same as UK and Malta  -= traffic is minimal as is the associated noise and air pollution

I will have lived over 3 years in Thailand by the time I move to Cyprus and I do not own a car here. Had insurance in the US from 1971 until I moved to Asia in 2015 (44 years). Have had a couple of claims but some years ago and been with a few different insurers. Lived in NYC, Florida, New Jersey and back to Florida. Not sure how to sort through all that now?????
Insurance companies are not easy to get anything from in the US but they sure know how to demand what they want; money, money, money
How far they want me to go back and what is the cost if "impossible" or extremely hard to produce ?

the minimal one..... is easy no questionnaire or anything

if you work even PT you can pay social contributions and get state healthcare = but i think that works out quite expensive at about €25 per week

pukka full comprehensive health insurance can be very expensive here at over €700-800 per yr and more depending on company and cover 

spookily i forgot to ask about the 401k thing ... but today I saw it mentioned on a US tv show is that some sort of tax debt or outstanding amounts etc

we did the full monty insurance when we first came here but are reasonably healthy and so since have opted for the cheaper one  - fingers crossed

its a risk but a calculated one..... we now simply pay for the treatment or meds we need so far havent had to do so

Ok, not bad but much less than it would cost in US. Health insurance has been expensive in US for many years and have skyrocket last few years or so. Thankfully I will get "free" health care in a couple of months when 65 but only good inside US. So if I need something major done I go back there unless an emergency.

401K is a like a private retirement account like a SEP or IRA that one put money in to when working and start withdrawing when retired. (Something like a tax free savings I guess you could call it, not same but same idea).

Are there any reasonable, safe, clean places to rent while looking for long term rentals ?
Looks like short term vacation rentals are pricey.

Thanks again

aha i see - -  i understand now

personally i would try and find a cheap deal in a hotel there are some cracking deals about - short term holiday lets are and alway s have been expensive especially at the time when you are expecting to arrive

do you know what areas you  are considering to live in

Paphos is what I am thinking but open to other areas. I was thinking of getting there probably Aug. for a couple of weeks. Then go to US for 3-4 weeks and come back to Cyprus to stay, hopefully. Is that the busy (high season)? Hotel will be ok, I am sure there are ok deals if booking a couple of months ahead. When does the low season begin and end ?

Paphos District is an area that is mainly open all year round other areas especially the east coast area tend to close down.....

august is peak and very hot....
and november is usually when the season slows till about late april early may when i it kicks in again.

Ok, thank you for that info. Good to know. Have until October to renew my Retirement Visa here in Thailand (not planning on renewing) so I can wait until end of September beginning of October to go to Cyprus/USA. That brings me back to Cyprus early November and that should be a better time to negotiate a long term lease if I am thinking right......?????  You agree ?

Thanks for that info

yes for sure

I think that is all the questions for now ? But I am sure there are many more questions popping up between now and September. You have been tremendous help and hope I can ask your advice and get answers to questions that arise in the coming months and that we can meet for lunch or a cold beer. More than welcome to bring your wife if you so wish.

I am very excited about going to Cyprus and wish I could go now but circumstances suggests waiting a few months is the smart thing otherwise I be packing.

Take care and thank you for excellent feedback

No  problem Karmsun - you are welcome

just ask away as and  when questions arise

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