Fast Food Malagasy

For one thing there is no McDonalds, Burgerking,  Pizza Hut, Chilly's or KFC though there was talk of KFC opening on Independence Ave some 5 years ago but I have not seen them.   
What is considered Fast food in Madagascar?   And I am using the word "fast" very loosely here.
Does anyone see any future of a fast food place in Madagascar?

The only fast food place I can think of that is considered everywhere is
Gastro Pizza. 
Here in Mahajanga the price is 50,000fmg for a large cheese pizza.  (  $3 ---bucks)
Recently within the last year they have made the pizza smaller, the carry out box smaller and they change the cheese to a lower grade--just about gritty in taste.  The one thing about a fast food place nationwide is the universal standard of food.
The taste is so bad these days that I have bought the materials to make and build my own pizza.  What is your experience?
And what have you found to be fast Food in Madagascar.

Malagasy style cooking at home and restaurant 

Also fast- Malagasy style is Sambosas, and brochettes-..> small meat on a stick and usually Zebu
Found everywhere from street side stalls , small and large restaurants.    Sambosas        brochettes

Road side stalls are the best way to get fast fresh food as you can see the quality of food as well as see them cook it in front of you.

I have been using in Tana over the last months, and it is a great service. Choose food from several resturants, and have it delivered within the hour :) Still only available in Tana I think, but for everyone here, its the best food delivery service I have met so far :)

Thanks Madshus , great information---I like it and next time I am in Tana will give them a call---just finished looking at their website and thanks for the heads up about you thinking they are professional ( enough) in their work.   And really beats the traffic hassle  Tana is known for.

There's a special this week on raton à la poison...

Hi Lilbuster---  An Asian restaurant dish- sans poison----

Hi madshus, thanks for this but do you mean

Yeah, i do.

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