Employment still in pending status

Nice to hear your eventful entire process but successful. Wishing you all the best with your new employer. Good luck.

Hi folks , today marks 5 month of my EP pending status. Mixed feelings.. if they wanted to reject they would have done it in the first place. Don't know really why such suspense.
HR of the school said 2 months that they are in touch with MOM but wouldn't anything else. I think it's one of the longest EP waiting period ever.

rami25: I never heard of pending an EP over a period of 5 months. Certainly your application crossed all the previous records, I reckon. Good luck

daydreamkid :

Mine is still not approved and in pending status for almost 2 months now. Guess what Beppi said is true, nowadays 1-2 months is a normal processing. I have also friends who got their visa in 2weeks time and i believe this may depend on the agency too.

Hi how is your pass status now? Approved already?

Hi everyone,

I my self Pradip from IND. I got one offer from Singapore company, I was there For 6 yr already holding S-pass. but just 2 yr ago I left the country (Singapore) cancel my pass. Now the issue is my EP pending for more then 4 week (30th Aug 2017). My HR said we withdrawal the EP appication then we re-apply EP online again. My HR told me if EP appication taken by more then 45 day's it's long time to get your pass status (approvel or rejected). :blink: anyone facing same issue like me ??? :blink:

Hello Surya2k, my application already approved. For almost 2 months! Finally! Thank you very much! ♥️

4 to 8 weeks is now the normal processing time for an EP, and it can take longer in some cases. The time it takes has nothing to do with your approval chances, so be patient!
Cancelling and re-applying would not help at all.

If anyone is interested:

My EP has been just approved, in 7 working days, wasn't that bad as I was afraid.

IT Programmer/Developer
British Nationality
10+ years experience
Financial/IT MNC
Master's Degree
8k Salary

Congratulations, it’s pretty fast. We said earlier, that MoM reviews each application on its merit. Looks like your application had its own merit to qualify so fast. Good luck

Congrats Matt_CC!

I have been waiting 5 weeks and still pending and my details are as follows:

Australian nationality
8 years experience
Bachelor degree
12k salary

They do say patience is a virtue!

duttgirish :

Comtel Solutions  :/

Hi duttgirish,

Have you received your EP approval?



EP approved today after 6 weeks waiting time - good luck to all those still waiting

Hlo bro did you got your pass approval after 3 months


My Organisation applied  EP in first week of October, as my previous EP had expired, in the login page till this week, I could only see the prior card details.

Now it shows me my application date as only this week, should I be counting weeks from now or October first week :).

copperblack :

should I be counting weeks from now or October first week :).

You should not be counting weeks.
Your appliocation processing will take as long as it takes, which can be anywhere between a few days and several months, and there is no way to predict or speed it up.
The only thing you should (and can) do is being patient.

Hi Beppi,

Yes, but considering the fact that people are quoting the time taken for their EP grant, I find myself at a disadvantage :(.


What is the disadvantage you get?
MoM will not process any faster or slower based on when things showed up in the EPOnline system.

Hi All, This is Mau from the Philippines. A Recruitment Firm based in Singapore offered me job as IT Project Coordinator for a well known IT Company.

I signed contract with them last November 23 and my S Pass Application was submitted online that very same day.

I was told that processing for S Pass would took about 3 weeks the maximum. I’m already on my 2nd week and still the status when I chexked in online is Pending.

On my contract it states that I have to start on December 18. You think my S Pass will be approved before that date. Need your help please.

Congrats. It’s not true that S pass approval maximum time frame is 3 weeks (it was the case long time back, but not now). If you read various threads in Visas forum, you will come to know that in many cases employees have to wait more than 2 months or so. It’s difficult to tell whether you will get your visa approval prior to your joining date or not but MoM is aware about your joining date and they will take decision on a merit basis. Good luck

Thanks Suryak. I’m hoping that MoM will take into consideration my start date with the company.

BTW, I tried taking the SAT and based on the result there’s a possibility for me to secure S Pass.

Would that help?

SAT is a system to give you an idea whether you are eligible to apply S pass or EP or both based on the information you have mentioned. It won’t tell you whether your application would be approved by MoM or not. Nevertheless, have patience. Good luck.

Hi All, This is Kartik, Indian, currently working in Hong Kong. My Recruiter in Singapore applied for S Pass on 21 Nov 2017, 3 weeks completed already.

13+ yrs experience
8K salary
IT Business Analyst

The status is still Pending. MoM raised no queries/clarifications yet. As I have learnt from previous blogs it seems normal to wait for 1-2 months. It seems I have wait for another 4-5 weeks?

The processing time varies between a week and several months - and there is no way to foresee how long an individual case will take.
The only thing you can do is wait (or cancel the application if you don't want to wait any more).

Hello, Kartik. Any updates on your EP application? Regards

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