any ideas of online jobs?

Hi how are you all,

I was wondering if anyone has tried an online job and did she/he received payment if yeas what was the website and what is required ?

as i saw many scam websites :( :dumbom:


yeah you can do share or forex business online.

Online jobs are of various types. You have to specify which one specifically you are referring.

There are some survey websites which pays for taking surveys. However, the money generally you gets is peanuts. Specifically, living in Saudi Arabia actually limits the eligibility as compared to be living in countries like US, EU, etc. Even if you work full time only for surveys from dozens of websites, the money you will get wouldn't be enough for a single person expenses, let alone a family.

There is good money if you are technically skilled in some field, like programming, designing, etc. You can work as freelancer and can earn good enough money. I wouldn't name those websites here but a simple Googling will get you hundreds of such website even if not in thousands.

You can also provide online teaching if you are skilled in that field. Same is for other professions like book keeping, however, let me warn you. This is not a way to get-rick-quickly. Jobs generally wouldn't make you rich in any case.

My 2 cents...

tnks Mr.Skhurram for your advice

I know that jobs wouldn't make me rich it is just i need to find other ways of income at home with out the need to open a shop.


If you consider it as an additional income then it's a good mindset to start with.

If you are skilled in a particular field, the best way forward is to freelance. Reasonable money you can earn. If you can look around your locality and find some projects, you can earn more money as compared to through websites.

If you are not skilled, I believe filling out survey forms is one of the best options. Little money in it but you will earn something for sure.

You should go for
It easy to understand and you can get multiple type of tasks which can done from home.

regarding payments all you need is a paypal account to get paid on time  :top:

Good Luck!


Open one shop or company, its better in proffit ( more easy i think)

There are a lot of choices that you can have for online jobs. You just have to know what interests you. I’ve been doing quite a bit lately. Here’s the link for some websites that I have trusted already. You can give it a try.
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what is your skill set rita. may be you can start some online service / off-site job

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