Disappointment of life in NZ

Hallo all, how many people actually regret emigrating out to NZ due to the standard of living compared to where theycome from?. The reason I ask is I continually hear about people especially Brits who tend to spend a couple of years over here there return back home indeed the Brits are called boomerangs as they leave NZ then realise they got it wrong and come back again sometimes to leave again!. Anybody done this, would be interesting to find out. As you will gather I would have gone back  but my family is out here.

Why don't you ask those people directly when you hear about them? Just approach them and ask them what happened and try to draw your own conclusions ;)

Maybe their expectations haven't been met or maybe they didn't really know what they were expecting or maybe there's another reason...

Good luck!

NZ has become incredibly expensive and with a low wage economy it is not surprising that people leave.  NZ is being sold as a lifestyle globally but sadly that is not longer true and that together with a low wage economy fuels the rise in violent crime.

I am disappointed with living in nz. I find the people here aren't as friendly as you'd think and a little uptight. It is hard to make kiwi female friends here for me as the kiwi women I've met are either trying to be masculine or wanting to put me in my place. It's incredibly frustrating. I've joined different groups and picked up different hobbies to try and meet different sorts or people but haven't really connected with anyone. There are some nice people here so maybe that will change.
I have a job but it was hard to get. There's a lot of competition in my line of work and ageism in the  workplace . That's a worldwide problem that extends to here. I'd like to move but going back to America isn't an option right now.

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