Moving to Germany

Hi everyone!
I am from the Gambia.

I have a German fiancé. We are meeting for the first time in February 2017 and had plans to marry and then move with him to Germany.

I wanted to ask if there's a possibility that I can apply for visa like a day or few after we are legally married in my country, because he has not long holiday and said he has to go back to work. Or do I have to wait because I may be denied entering Germany after only weeks of marriage? I also have basic German language skills.

Thanks in advance..

I question the wisdom of wanting to marry a man you have never met. The lifelong commitment this entails is not something to be taken lightly, especially when it also involves a big intercultural change and move. I think you should get to know him in person for many months before you make that decision!

If your country's marriages are recognised in Germany (Shariah or other non-governmental weddings are usually not), you can apply for a family reunion visa right after your marriage certificate has been issued and officially translated into German. The process takes about three months.
You should inquire at your country's German embassy about the procedure and requirements.

Thanks a lot Beppi!
I got it now.

Like Beppi mentioned, it sounds strange to be planning to marry someone you haven't met yet. Officially marrying a German is of course the most obvious way to get a residency permit but there might be some questions if it is a legitimate marriage or one of convenience. I think German officials might be rather skeptical hearing you married a few days after your first actual meeting... So you had better have some convincing answers to such questions because they are likely to come up.

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