Divorce Vietnamese wife Process and lead time

Dear ALl,
I need some legal advise from.
FYI - i married with Vietnamese wife some years back and recently we end up in communications and thoughts conflicts. We has been almost 3 months no contact, i tried to call her up and texting her but been ignored. We have come to agree for divorce 3 months back but now she is ignoring me and seems like she has changed her contact no too.
I wish to file for single petition to Vietnam court for divorce, i have checked with 2 lawyers, they told me this is very complicated case, and i guess we didnt record out marriage in Vietnam previously, the lawyer said i need to record my marriage 1st then file divorce, but problem is i cannot contact her already.
Is there anyway that i can record the marriage in vietnam using my Malaysia marriage cert?
Do you have any lawyer friend can help me up ? , i really wish to settle this issue ASAP , i dont want to drag anymore longer, its stressed me out.
And how long i can't i can obtained Divorce order from Court ?
FYI - i am currently working in Vung Tau.-


Hi Mike,

Why the hurry, why the stress ??    You've found another one haven't you😀😀 and you need the documentation to state your single status so you can roll the dice again.

If two "lawyers" can't figure it out what chance have we got on a travel blog.   Says a lot for the legal beagles in Vietnam.  Seriously mate, I know a "lawyer" here that doesn't even know mans been to the f&ckin moon.   Your just going to have to keep looking till you find a lawyer that graduated from the top of his class and not some schmuck that daddy " bought" a law degree for. 

I'm assuming you were married in Malaysia Malaysian marriage documents you mentioned. Maybe you could try the system there.

If the marriage was never recorded on the books here, and you can't find the other party things can get tricky.   

Did you know there is a thread on Expat blog Philippines concerning marriage annulments's got over 360 posts and many thousands of views.   😆😆😆😆😁

Three years may be a stretch for an annulment though.  I know a guy here that only lasted 12 hours ,so his was easy.   Do you remember if all parties actually signed the marriage documents??  That's starting to get common here....people are hedging their bets. 

Best of luck.

Hi Yogi,

Thanks for the comment. The reason been i wanted to file my divorce in Vietnam was because i had signed contract with my current company to work and based in Vung Tau. Hence, it will be more convenient for me if able to file the divorce here in Vietnam while i am working here.
Do you have any good lawyer to recommend?


A friend had an issue a few years ago and my Embassy had a list of recommended Legal people on their website. 
If your Malaysian , maybe your Embassy has a similar reference point.
That may save you trawling through the local duds.

If there's a property settlement involved and you can't find your spouse it will be difficult. I hope that's not the case for you.

Some guys here think the 50/50 split is reasonable,,BUT you've got to sell a property in someone else's name for that to happen.  A guy here has been waiting 6 years for the marital home to sell. It won't happen, he's an old dude and the family will scupper any potential sale and simply wait for him to die.   The family is already living in that house so nothing's going to happen.

Ain't love grand mate.

Thanks mate,
will give it a try at Embassy Malaysia .


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