Bringing a British car to spain

We are moving to Spain in the new year and decided to drive out. Do I get the car insured in Britain or Spain and is there anything I have to do before I bring it?

Hi Debgall

Contact your insurance company to ensure that your car will be covered whilst driving in Spain, if not try Direct Line who operate an English service in Spain (Linea Directa).

After the car has been in Spain for a period of six months you will require to register the car under Spanish/EU plates which can be a complicated procedure so seek out a company that can assist you. You will find more information on this link.

Thanks for the help  x

Excuse me for going off thread but it is connected and important.

If a person moves to Spain, as opposed to visiting, then they are obliged to register on the EU Citizens Register (often incorrectly referred to as Residencia)  immediately.       

That is,  the '3 months permanently' and the '183 day' rules DO NOT APPLY.

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