Any leads anyone ?

Hi, i'm planning to move to Morocco from Spain, but i'm finding it hard to find a job. I am interested in a variety of fields and would ideally want to begin a new life in there, getting my projects done slowly but, of course, one needs stability and that would be a job.
I've been mainly checking up riads where I could use the languages I speak, but no one got back at me yet. Any leads?

Hi Sonia. Since you seem to be fluent in many languages, I would suggest to apply for teaching positions in the many centers available in Casablanca or just keep chasing hotels. I'm sure you will end up with something. Bona sort :)

Unfortunately job scenario in Morocco is not so good and especially for expats. Moroccans are  fluent in many languages and because of massive unemployment, the are more likely to get the position before you even apply. The only thing I can say is keep trying and making contacts and hopefully you will get lucky.

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