Am just being fed up in Copenhagen without job from last one year.


Am looking for job in electrical/electronics field have exp of 5 years (Hvg Master degree in Electronics/electrical engg) but still couldn't able to get single interview, as most of jobs asking language. When I call: talk to hiring managers just to discuss about role, they being rude and hang up phone saying busy or already found person or some say need language. I tried most ways which I can think but no hopes.

i discussed with few people all say do some part time jobs, which I don't want to end up in that. Really don't know:  it seems here in Denmark  getting job is, something winning million dollar lottery, even some time you may be lucky can win, but getting job in Denmark is next to impossible without language: which am personally feeling now days.

Language skills are often an issue when it comes to getting work, and it's easy to see why employers need you to speak the local lingo.
Gaining those language skills isn't going to be quick so you need to look at alternatives.

Hello Fred are you in Copenhagen right now..? Don't try to give general opinion here, be specific what you say.

Hope you understand next time before writing something.

@ vijayvijay321 > Maybe you should have a look at the articles in the Work in Denmark section, you will probably find a lot of relevant information which will help you in your job search.

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Priscilla  :cheers:

A guideline: If the job ad is written in Danish, you will have no chances to get the job regardless your skills. Therefore, you shall concentrate on the ads written in English and don't waste time on the others.

As an electronicsengineer you should have better chances than so many others to find a job, but it isn't the same as to say it is easy.  :(  If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile, then create one, a good one. … directed=1 … ry/denmark … GwodeusNaQ … search.asp … 1/denmark/

The Danish Association for engineers is called IDA. You can get a free 3 months' membership. They also offers arrangements where non-members can participate. … nlyEnglish

I cannot follow the advice of getting a part time job. Engineer jobs are all full time jobs. I guess that they think of odd jobs, but the pay for such jobs will not entitle you to stay in Denmark, it will not upgrade your CV, but of course, it will improve your finances. It is more important that you find a job within your field as soon as possible. If it means that you shall go back to India, then this will be the right thing for you to do.

I understand that you need some feedback on your applications after having it rejected, but correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think you'll get any useful information out of such calls. The answer will often be: We have chosen another applicant who had just the profile we were looking for. Even if you have the formal and wanted skills, as a foreigner, you'll be handicapped as you are not acquainted with the Danish work culture, and you don't speak Danish (even if you can cope with the technical issues in English, there will also be the social part). Maybe, your chances will be better if you look for jobs in the province instead of Copenhagen? I wouldn't use more time on making those negative calls. Either, I would drop it totally, or I would mail the company and ask how many applicants had applied for the job to get an impression of what you are up against.

Perhaps an idea to write an email to Dong, tell them that you are interested in working in the company within ###, and that you would be grateful if they would assess your qualifications and tell you where you have to improve your skills to qualify for such a job.
I mention Dong because it is a big company which employ expats without Danish skills at all.

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Thank You guys.

Hi Vijay,

Hope you are doing good and I hope that you have found a job by now.

If not, you can consider some of the tips below.

1. As Nellie suggested, try to create a good LinkedIn profile and add this link in your CV.
2. Networking: Probably, you would have already found out how important networking is especially when you are living in denmark.
3. Look for workshops conducted by Work in Denmark and expat in denmark. Some of the workshops about CV writing are quite useful as I understand.
4. Volunteer yourself in any opportunities during such events, that helps you to find some good contacts.

As I understand from the statistics, electrical & electronics engg is one of the high demand industries, so there could be some potential opportunities especially in Q1.

Good Luck.

Thank You

First, the Danes probably have a surplus of their own citizens, with your equivalent level  of credentials, and education. Naturally, they will hire their own people first, unless you're bringing a truly unique skill level to the table.

In addition, your ability to speak a clear, discernible Danish language, is not prerequisite to getting an IT job, anywhere in Denmark. Your English language "speaking" abilities, however, at first point of telephone contact, is the most important factor to getting that first "in-person" interview.  :top:

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