Love this review of PNU

I love this review of princess nora because it focuses on what's really wrong. A teacher who loves teaching can deal with almost anything, but when the students are lazy and apathetic, it really is the last straw. Teaching on a low salary with no benefits pales to teaching girls who cant think and don't care.

"Students are arrogant and lazy. This means you assign classwork and homework and they won't do it. You try to teach them, but they won't respond. They are addicted to their phones and can't be off them for more than 5 minutes. They are either checking their make-up, using their phones or chatting with their friends. They never bring books, notebooks or even a pencil to class. But their little bags are full of phones, tablets and make-up.

They don't give foreign teachers the time of day. They talk when you're trying to lecture, and get upset when you make them stop. They cheat on quizzes and tests and copy homework off each other. Look up the research, you will find that saudi students are notorious around the world for plagiarising and its an epidemic in their country. The girls have ZERO critical thinking skills and can barely do the most basic tasks. If you try to make them work hard, they resist and some even complain.

Saudi students are extremely spoiled. Saudi teachers just lecture while the students sit there inert. If you try to do something different, they will resent you. They are polite if you leave them alone, but don't try to get them to do anything that requires thinking or lifting a pencil. They are only at school to socialize.

Also as a side note, if you are an asian or middle eastern western teacher, you should know that these teachers are paid less than european and african origin western teachers. We realized this when we started comparing salaries this past year. You will be paid 1500-2000 less per month. You are also treated a little differently by the saudi staff.  Unfortunate but true and one feels bad, but you should be prepared. "

Look for what's wrong.

If a whole class or school is bad, there must be a cause.
The fact they're allowed phones in class suggests the place is badly managed; the rest pushing my thoughts to the same conclusion.
Is this the norm in all Saudi schools, just girls' schools, or is this limited to a few bad schools?

When the school is serious, student become serious, it's either you pass or fail!

  The WORST review!!! "Saudi students are extremely spoiled. Saudi teachers just lecture while the students sit there inert."!!!! the writer have no right to include everyone! The problem is also with the university and the instructor they're not serious they're scared; the students are smart to use it for their advantage! thats why it's known for playful student playground.
Pass by Prince Sultan University and ask about their instructor and student.

I Feel so sorry for the negative attitudes you describe your students.

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