Pets in China

Hello everyone,

Many of us in China have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in China? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Chinese think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


Yes, I had a small dog that I brought here from Guam.  This was years ago, but I don't remember doing anything accept getting her vaccination papers from a vet.  I got another dog while here from a friend who had to give it up.  I just took the dog and did nothing else in terms of paperwork.  Many Chinese have dogs and cats.  I suppose they'd react with interest to unusual pets.


we brought one cat from germany and bought one here.

It was Not easy to bring the cat to china but after a lot of work to find all the information and the right flight company we even took the cat in the handbag.

But for the difficult customs regulations at the chinese airport we had a company to help us directly at the baggage check.So we had no quarantine!

But for all who want to try it, please be prepared, two weeks before we came to china, they killed a cat at the airport because the name on the catpassport of the owner was wrong!!!

Too bad we cant link pics like on WeChat, that would be good for this topic.

Some dogs in China, most often "xiao bai gou", but all types, start with under 20's in a family but quickly end up with retired parents. I'm not sure if that is the conscious intent of the young family member, but the outcome is good in my experience, and results in a loved and happy pet fitted out in a wardrobe for any weather including booties for winter. It provides comfort and amusement for elders in a way they never imagined possible. There are also abandoned packs of cats and lone dogs running around.  I wonder if there is a SPCA type place or a type of "Craig's List" where one could  acquire a pet in China from those that found their hectic lives don't allow them to follow through with the duties and responsibilities of a pet owner?

I adopted a stray kitten.  She was near death when I found her and I really did not expect her to live through the first night.  She was freezing, hungry, dehydrated and suffering from feline rhinovirus.   To my surprise she was still alive the next morning. I fed her, gave her clean water and medication.   Not only did she live, she thrived and became my companion to the point where when I came in from my job she would bound up to me meowing her greetings, sleep with me purring every single night and would never let me out of her sight.    Rainbow made some of the lonely nights bearable.   I had to board her in a kennel when I left for holidays because transporting her back to the states was prohibitively expensive and bound up in red tape-- she contracted something called the cat plague at the kennel and died.  It broke my heart.    My days and nights with her were precious.   Could I have ignored her and let her die that cold night I scooped her up?  No.  Would I do it again?  Yes.  Even though she died she lived a good life with me for a couple of years and brought me joy.  I know she felt the same way.

so you didn't have to leave your dog upon arrival in China in a quarantine? So there are a lot of various regulations and information circulating around here. So confusing.

This is a country that completely ignores rules and laws that have something to do with common sense. Smoking in hospitals and kindergartens, complete disregard for any traffic regulations,violence against women. But some STUPID laws like the one above are being implemented with religious zeal by the authorities.
An example of a similar one when I once (2010) tried to arrive via Shanghai Pudong Intl airport with my pet ferret. It had all the necessary documents including all its vaccinations and castration. The ferret got through 2 European airport customs without any problems. The Moscow customs officers even took some selfies with it. The Shanghai customs officials decided to kill it because "it is neither a cat or a dog". And according to the law only cats and dogs are allowed in and only one animal per person (meaning that if I had brought 2 dogs with me I would have to decide which one should live). I still have the official document that says that my pet ferret was "confiscated and destroyed".
When I said that the law was stupid they lost face and started screaming at me.

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What a horrible story :(

I brought 2 dogs from Taiwan. I was told there was a mandatory quarantine of at least 1 month and up to 3 months. I talked to someone who went through the process and he told me that after his dog got out of quarantine, the dog was forever traumatized. He also mentioned that many animals do not survive the quarantine.
So, my partner and I decided to hire a company to get around the quarantine procedure. The company was good. It took 3 days of transit but we got the dogs to Beijing and everything was fine. But, it was very expensive.

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