How to get my Mexican citizenship back? Election driving me out of US

I was born in Mexico but gave up my citizenship when I was about 20 to become a USA 30 years later things have changed, I'd like to get my citizenship back and move to Mexico again... Anyone been through this? Looking for guidance on cost, time it takes, legal or administrative process.

Hi, I don't know the process for your situation sister-in-law is now a US citizen and gave up her Canadian citizenship over 30 years ago.

As far as you are born in a country you never loose your citizenship...maybe some benefit ie: Canadian social sécurité. She would need to go at the Canadian embassy get the paperwork done and come back to her home country.

In your case, if I may suggest go or contact the nearest Mexican consulate or embassy.

Good luck, GyC.

Is very easy just go to a Mexican consulate nearest and bring your birth certificate, they will help you, ****

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