Migration Back To Home

I am a 55 year old wife of 36 years and a Certified K12 Teacher of 20+ years. My husband  is a  Licensed Massage Practitioner. We have two adult children; Dan'yelle 32 and Bryan 30.  Since my own childhood, I have always intrinsically dreamed of living in Africa. My son holds an MLA in Africana Studies and Languages. My daughter is a professional Actress/Dinger/Dancer and Embraces her African and Native American Roots. My son studied and wrote published works about past  West African leaders. By daughter has also traveled to Africa. My husband and I long to make it our home. We would like to begin a Bed a Breakfast for others who are migrating back to Africa as a result of Diaspora. My son is currently seeking a Doctorate in African History with a minor in Tourism. We refer to Ourselves as CORE4. Yes, the acrynom stand for something which may be later disclosed. We seek "daily life " information. We also seek Employment opportunities, as well as being a potential Employer. We wish to live a more simple life near the Ocean of our Ancestors.

Good to follow your dreams but really do your homework before you make your move.  The hospitality industry is growing and if you can get a property in a good location and offer a good service you should make a reasonable living.
I suggest you visit Ghana and do your research before making a decision

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