Indonesians in Kumasi or anywhere in Ghana

Hi, I am new in this forum. I plan to move to Ghana with my Ghanaian husband who has been in malaysia for awhile. We have 4 kids with us. I am wondering if there are Indonesians in Kumasi area. It will be nice to be in touch.

Thanks, terima kasih.

There are a lot of different nationalities here so you are likely to find Indonesians especially in Accra. Hope someone responds

Thanks for the reply. I used to have one INdonesian friend in Kumasi and we met when I visited Ghana some years back. But she was ill and went back to Jakarta and finally passed away there. I knew some Indonesians also worked in the gold mining (Newmont) in Brong Ahafo but not sure if they are still there. Anyways, hope someone responds.

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