Economic scenario in oman

hi everyone,

I want to know hows Oman doing compared to other GCC countries,economically and business wise.
I will be joining in sales and marketing in trading company.Is the timing  right to come to Oman.Please advise.

Thanks and regards

Hi shekharnewexpat2014,

Like all other oil-based economies, Oman too is felling the heat on account of the underwhelming oil prices.

Numerous austerity measures have already been put in place to limit the damages as much as possible.

Most companies have put a freeze on their spends, following the government's cost-cutting measures.

Many companies have cut their work force, some other have not been able to pay their employees' salaries on time, many have cut back on their employee benefits - all with the sole intention of saving costs during these trying times.

From common predictions, things are unlikely to change drastically for the better before end of 2017.

It is up to you to decide if this is really a good time or not to come to Oman on employment.

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