Insecurity protection strategies

How do you protect yourself from everyday and night  possibilities of an attack from criminals.
Vasaha are targets for attacks because we have--->way --- more money than the average Malagasy Citizen.
This would be true in all societies that the wealthy need protection  but what has been your security measures here in Madagascar to protect yourself from crime, in your home and on the street and travels.

I think it is important to have night Security. Not so much for protection but to hear what has happened at night while we slept.  Night Security will become a witness to any problems.  I have a driver who is also security,again not because he is strong to protect me but as a buffer between me and the police and an accident. The salary I pay a chauffeur/security pays for itself in corruption money on the street.

Very important for English speaking tribes such as Americans, Brits, Aussies, Canadians, and even other English speaking tribes like the Germans and Scandinavians people to separate themselves  from the French Peoples.

It is very important for English speaking Tribes whom are living in Madagascar that they show the Malagasy people you are not from the French Tribe. You do this by speaking English, say your are American or Aussie or put a banner on your back pack your English speaking tribe. Because, the French people in Madagascar are not liked by the Malagasy people.  Saying you are from the English tribe will protect you from insecurity.  The French, not all French of course, are know for speaking bad of Malagasy.
French people feel entitled to have benefits in a society that has been independent for a long time. Malagasy do not like French people for they feel the French still treat them as dogs and want to enslave them.  In my 15 years living in Madagascar I have seen this as well. French people will treat Malagasy as Dogs ( a Malagasy Term ) but when I am in the same situation with French people who yelled at Malagasy the day before- I get silence from them, for the French fear the American or English tribe.
So for Security  reasons it is best to Identity yourself as an English speaking Tribe for the reasons above.

In my neighborhood, only the French people have had home invasion theft.
And My home as an American without barb wire on the walls and no steel on the windows live carefree.  I am a member of the community.

I think the Peace Corps of the USA also express this good will to the Malagasy people for they send out people who have learn the Malagasy language to be able to become a part of their society as a show of good will. 

Respect your neighbors and their customs and share in their culture. When there is a death in the community you take the time to participate in their customs usually at night.
Always I am the only Vasaha to attend this custom thought I am surrounded by French Ex pats in their big houses. I  have become a member of the community and am protected from insecurity.

Say Hello to all on the street and make sure you make long eye contact to see who they are and they see who you are, thus making friends with the Malagasy.
The French Expats are hostile to the Malagasy and believe they are --way--> above the Malagasy people thus having these feelings of delusions of grandeur, ( and delusions of Glandeur). It is for some of these reasons that English speaking tribes need to show they are not connected to the French tribe which will  give increased security to the English Tribe.   The French are a big target because they show disrespect for the Malagasy-  I have many stories to share about this if this if this thread has any questions.

Good advises bro  thanks
i agree with u

Have 1 or 2 dogs - but keep them in the house at night, so that they cannot be poisoned. Don't count on the Police! They are often involved in criminal acts.

The most important is a good choice of your house - when I saw mine (where I lived during 11 years very safely), I knew it was the right one for me - according to Feng Shui: On one side there was the house of my landlord, on the other a villa with a high wall to my house, 2 very aggressive dogs and a nightguard. The rear was formed by the wall of a sports hall of a bank, they also had private securities.

However I never used a nightguard - I lived there alone with my 2 dogs.

And TropicAlex: ht you say about the French is unfortunately true - but especially for the elder ones who live a "postcolonial style of life" in the posh villa at the beach. Many young French people come as volunteers or work in projects. They have a different state of mind and more respect for the locals.

They even talk bad about the Malagasy in front of Malagasy people who understand what they say - for ex. of service personnel.

The worst thing I heard them say was that Madagascar was a really fine place to live - the blue skies, the white sands, the beach, the nature - if only there were no Malagasy people...

When I left in 2015, 15 French guys (all elder, one even a honorary consul of more than 80 years) had been attacked, tortured and killed in their houses within 2 years.

Though I do use words like hope and faith with caution, I do have hope and faith in the youth and young foreign  volunteers who strive to make this world a better place and are unfettered by old believes and prejudices and feelings of superiority . 

In contrast----as with the old pensioners who have more than just feelings of grandeur and superiority over the citizens of Madagascar And with with their small pensions that would put them in the poor house in their own country give them a false sense of wealth In Madagascar  They also seem to have what I call "Feelings of Glandeur" that causes more problems, leading to break ins, young boyfriends for their young girlfriends, loveless relationships, poison, violent theft, and other forms of violence.....
I also see that the Malagasy youth that are striving to be more independent and going global, those that  have an education and a connection to the internet, even if it is just Face Book.

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