Looking for Vietnamese in Budapest

Hi, This is Ceci from Hong Kong. I am now studying in MOME for photography and working on a project on Vietnamese in Budapest. Meanwhile, I'm looking for Vietnamese in the City. That would be great if you could share your daily experience with me, it could be anything about you. It could be by text or we could meet up and have a coffee.

I have asked a couple of different shop keepers in the "Chinese" stores around Budapest where they are from, Thought they might be Chinese but they have all told me they are from Vietnam.
Maybe just go into a shop and start a chat with the clerk.

Quite a few Vietnamese, especially those who've left the country, are ethnic Chinese, and often maintain their Chinese identity to an extent.

zif :

ethnic Chinese

Minor detail: China is a country. Citizens of China are often called Chinese, but that is not an overall ethnic group. That is a different issue. Han is the largest ethnic group in China. … s_in_China

For nearly 3 years our son was dating a older wealthy Chinese women in Las Vegas.
She was from Hong Kong, which I think is another world apart from Mainland China.
Dang, I do miss her, such manners and style, she knew everyone in Vegas through her business.
I loved it once when she took my son and I out to a high end Hong Kong style place to eat.
The wait staff was giving me dirty , nasty looks, no wonder I had taken tons of cash off of them at my job as a baccarat dealer.
I was sure they would poison my food, one confused look at my son's GF and they jumped to serve me.
She had what they call,"juice" in Vegas.
Too bad my son let her slip on by...
She did however get one of his L V handbags for a "parting gift" one of his two special ladies who got these as break up presents.
No wonder I am hiding out in Hungary...Crazy family.

I am a Vietnamese. I will be in Budapest on 4/16 - 4/19 of 2017. I would like to have some tip about thing to do in Budapest during my time there.  Please let me know.
I also plan to take a train from Budapest to Hamburg, but I don't know which one should I  take.

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evergreen :

I also plan to take a train from Budapest to Hamburg, but I don't know which one should I  take.

MAV Train schedule from Budapest:

You will want to leave from Budapest-Keleti station, going to Hamburg Hbf as this one does not require you to change trains. It is about a 14 hour trip. But you will see a lot more of Europe than if you took a plane.

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P.S Do you have any suggestion for me while I am in Budapest.

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